Chris Ramos - The Owner of Dipsh*t:

Chris is the founder of Dipsh*t, he jumped into this type of work without really knowing much
about it at first but he spent countless amounts of hours doing research and learning from trial and error as
he progressed into this line of work. He first started plating/dipping 24k gold bolts for friend's wheels and
eventually decided to broaden his horizons by plating/dipping any metal items in 24k gold for anybody and
everybody as a business. He later added other plating finishes to his artillery along with offering polishing
services along with more experience and knowledge. Chris is on a mission to push the name/brand out there since
he wants to get the word out of his business so that people can benefit from the services that Dipsh*t provides.
He strongly believes that providing above and beyond customer service is the number one priority for any business
to become successful and so he reinforces that mindset onto his own business. He also enjoys taking on the
challenges that small businesses usually encounter and finding solutions for them along with thinking of ways of
making the business better every day. Ultimately, the best part of it all is that he loves what he does and is out
to share his talents and skills with the rest of the world. Chris currently operates this business on a part-time
basis since he is also going to school pursuing a communications degree from a four year state university but when
he works on Dipsh*t, he treats it as if it was a full time occupation because he puts 100% effort into everything
he does.